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Father and Children

**Please note, these are suggestions only, the final decision is up to the consumer and we will not be liable to any misunderstanding or misjudgments.


JK 400

Weight: Approx 150 lbs
Volume: 14,2 cubic feet (106 gallons)
Dimensions: 55”L, 32” W, 52” H
Capacity: 13-21 Gal/week
Suitable for: Larger Households, Restaurants and larger quantities of kitchen and garden waste .


JK 270

Weight: Approx 86 lbs
Volume: 9,5 cubic feet (70 gallons)
Dimensions: 44,5”L, 28” W, 50” H
Capacity: 6-8 Gal/week
Suitable for: Larger households 4 per and more,B&B, small restaurants, kindergartens, carehome etc. 


JK 125

Weight: Approx 64 lbs
Volume: 4,5 cubic feet (33 gallons)
Dimensions: 37L, 27 W, 32 H
Capacity: 2-4 Gal/week
Suitable for: Smaller households (1 to 4 people - depending on how much waste is generated)

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Jora Composter Tumbler JK 270
Jora Composter Tumbler JK 400

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Jora Composter Tumbler JK 125

Which Composter is Right For You?

Do this short questionnaire to determine which size composter will suit your household best.  **

What amount of kitchen waste are you producing?

1.  About 2 - 4 gallons a week, We take the garbage out every 3rd day or so. 

2.   About 6 - 8 gallons a week, an average amount of waste. We typically take the garbage out every two days.

3.   About 13 - 21 gallons a week. We juice every day and produce a lot of kitchen waste.

How big is your household?

1.  1-3 people
2.   2-5 people

3. 5 or more People

What types of garden waste are you planning on composting?

1.   Smaller items like weeds, dead flowers etc, no grass clipings or leaves

2.   Smaller items but also some grass clippings and leaves.

3.   I have a large garden with quite a bit of waste that I want to compost.

Choosing the Right Size Composter for Your Needs

Having the right size composter is vital for your success. If you choose one that is too large for your household then you will not get the optimum results from your setup. If your composter is too small you will not have remaining compostable materials with no place to put it. This will serve as a guide to help you choose just the right size Jora Compost Tumbler.