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Al from alb thinks the Jora Compost Tumbler is the best composter Money can buy
Greg with renewalfast demonstrates his new Jora Compost Tumbler JK 270. He also made another video that you can seehere
Buddy at Gibson Recycling demonstrates his small Jora Compost Tumbler JK 125. He show us how he use the composter on a daily basis
John Kohler from is comparing 4 different com posters including a Medium size Jora Compost Tumbler. 
Lochaber Enviromental Group Demonstrates their small Jora Compost Tumbler JK 125.
Vention demonstrates an interesting way to use a Jora Composter
John Kohler from is showing us how hot it gets inside his Jora Compost Tumbler

Can't stop showing all my friends how hot the compost is inside this composter in the middle of deeply freezing temps here in the mountains. I add a little handful of alfalfa pellets every so often, plus following the instructions in the manual, and this baby cooks! Finally I've found a way to compost that is not just a feeding station for wildlife, rodents, and flies.      No flies with this. Quick compost. Easy to unload into our wheelbarrow.

This compost tumbler is great!! First of all, it came with all of the parts and hardware necessary to put it together. Nothing worse than waiting on something to deliver and then, upon arrival, you find hardware or worse, parts, missing. I was able to assemble it by myself with little to no issues, and now it's set up in my back yard making me some delicious smelling    compost for my hop yard! Every time I pass it I give it a good Price Is Right spin of the wheel!!

Incredibly well built, processes compost quickly within a month to six weeks, without all the mess and smell. Animals cannot access the compost. I am considering buying a second unit, because it's so well constructed and my garden generates a lot of compostable material.

Purchased 3 weeks ago. Assembly simple & materials high quality. Before this tumbler I kept a compost pile on the ground, which I placed into one half of the tumbler. 3 weeks later and it looks excellent. I've been putting kit scraps in the other half. I do notice it's too moist and needs more brown matter than expected. So I'm adding straw and sawdust. Time will tell... So it's too early to give it a thumbs as as to how good it is at composting, but early indications are very positive.

I was concerned that my shipment would be damaged as reported by several other reviewers. Not so, it came well-packed and in perfect condition - a relief! A great product with very well thought-out design, excellent galvanized or stainless hardware. Went together fairly smoothly. I can't wait to dirty it up with some compost materials!

Buy this composter is all I have to say and be sure to buy it from these guys. They had the best deal by far and believe me this was a 6 month process. Although this is not a cheap composter it is a solid ensemble from the Swedes. Everytime I open this sucker, steam rises out of it. It's the bomb!

Got this unit before Christmas and finally got around to feeding it. Much easier to use than my old compost tumbler (which gave to my daughter) . So far so good. Been about 4 weeks since I started the process and it is just about done. Heats up really nice which was a hit and miss with the compost tumbler
"Very prompt delivery - much sooner than I had anticipated - and the two boxes arrived in perfect condition. Had trouble with installation (my error)and spoke to a Hayneedle representative. After explaining my problem I was immediately connected with the Joraform distributor who resolved my issue and gave additional helpful advice and a contact phone number should I ever need further support...."
Chrysteen from Westminister CA is demonstrate her Jora Composter. She also has another video, click here to see it.

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