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The original Jora  is currently available in Canada only at Wayfair.ca


Jora Composters is a registered trademark in both Canada in the US.

 Counterfeit Jora Composters are being marketed & sold in Canada. 
See our Swedish parent company http://www.joraform.com 
for info on authorized dealers worldwide. 
Please contact us for more information at info@joracomposters.com

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The Jora Composter back in the day.

​The  Jora Compost Tumbler

​​The Jora Compost Tumbler is without a doubt the easiest to use and the most efficient waste composter ever made. In 1989 the Swedish engineer Johannes Ravio (Jora) designed their Compost Tumblers to fill a need for a composter that could work all year around. 

The unique insulation proved to be the key to success, not only enabling the composter to be used throughout all seasons, but to contain heat and create higher temperatures, which allows home gardeners to compost harder materials  like fish and small chicken bones, avocado and peach pits etc. 

After a quarter century the Jora Compost Tumbler is still unbeatable in terms of speed and efficiency and we take pride in offering you the easiest, fastest, most efficient and convenient means of composting your kitchen scraps and garden waste.

Jora Composter Tumbler
"The best composter money can buy."
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"Incredibly well built,​

 processes compost quickly within a month to six weeks, without all the mess and smell. Animals cannot access the compost. I am considering buying a second unit, because it's so well constructed and my garden generates a lot of compostable material."



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The Jora is the Best Composter available. Find it online at:

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  • ​​​​ Compost Continuously.
  •  Easy to fill, easy to turn, easy to empty.
  •  Compost in 6-8 Weeks.
  •  Compost all your kitchen scraps including meat  with bones, citrus   fruits and avocado pits.


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Learn the magic behind composting and why it's so good for our planet and your garden.


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